Increase Productivity

Our mission at Zoga is to reduce your employees stress levels, which translates to a loss of productivity and creates challenging colleague relationships.

Our custom made exercises, breathing techniques and mindful meditation sessions not only re-energize your team physically, but also enable them to connect to their emotions as they arise by having a more passive state of mind.

How We Help Employees
Deal With Stress

A customized 60 minutes session which consists of breathing exercises, physical movement and stretches and a short guided meditation will be offered. We recommend a minimum of 1 session/week.

Classes are tailored for beginners, and can benefit everyone regardless of their age and fitness level.

Our Tailored Classes Include


Breath calms your nervous system and grounds your mind


Relieve built up tension in your body


Create space between each thought, increase concentration and help manage distractions within the office environment

What You’ll Need


A change of cloths & Yoga mats. We also offer the option of chair based exercises, wherein no change of cloths or mats would be needed (please ask us for more details)


We recommend comfortable gym clothing to be worn for the session. No shoes are required.
*For the chair bases exercises, employees can remain in their office attire.

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