Private: Vinyasa Masterclass: Application of Kriya Yoga in a flow based asana practice

In a short discussion we will introduce you to Kriya Yoga as laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and further elaborate how these intangible principles synergistically bring upon change and transformation in every asana practice and maybe in our lives. Our 90 minutes Vinyasa practice including Pranayama and Japa meditation will give us the playing ground to move with each breath through back extensions, arm and standing balances, as well as inversions enabling us to embrace change, transform on our mat and explore the tools of Kriya Yoga to overcome our obstacles. All while finding the appropriate amount of effort to sustain a good space of experience on the mat. Thus finding steadiness with ease in a fast pace environment of modern society ‘off the mat’. There will be room for contemplation at the end of our Japa mediation.


Friday October 13, 17.30-20.00


AED 150

Limited spaces are available for this event. Please ensure to book your spot in advance by emailing