Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with Restorative Yoga integrated with the beautiful sounds and therapeutic vibrations of Tibetan Sing Bowls.
The ‘sound bath’ has its roots in ancient Tibetan culture. A sequence of singing bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centres (chakras) of the body, where sound nourishes the nervous system allowing the entire body to relax at a deeply profound level. The resonance produced by these hand-crafted bowls can strengthen the immune system, lower heart rate and blood pressure, soothe pain and significantly reduce stress levels. This allows your body to return to natural equilibrium while creating space for healing and insights.
In this 2 hour session we will combine the profound effects of the Tibetan singing bowls with the powerful healing practice of Restorative Yoga.

Suitable for all levels and abilities.


April 14, 19.00-21.00


AED 150

Limited spaces are available for this event. Please ensure to book your spot in advance by emailing