Thursday March 29, 19.00-21.00

Master Class with Jafar & Maryam Expanded Freedom Flow

A delicious vinyasa flow that will incorporate all the flavors of the journey of Yoga. The strong stability of Jafar’s teachings will dance with the edgeless ease of Maryam’s flow. Slide into the day with this intelligent flow that will invite you to embody the energy and play of sthira and sukha, two important concepts in the practice and philosophy of Yoga.

This is not a beginners class and we will offer options for complex asanas

Friday March 30, 9.30-12.30

The Asana Lab: Breath Informed Practice

Jafar and Maryam will take you on a journey where we explore the power and necessity of incorporating our breath with awareness into our practices. 
Did you know there are four parts to our breath? Come learn then and explore them. Often our complex poses, such as inversions and arm balances offer us the best containers to explore the simplicity of the breath.
Whether you practice yoga for stress management or to remember your peaceful center, the regulation of your breath is your most powerful tool!

Friday March 30, 14.00-16.00

The Strength of Silence with Jafar & Maryam

Are you afraid of silence…are you in love with silence? Our lives are becoming more and more noisy. The necessity of cultivating spaces and practices to bring us to silence are essential for our wellbeing.
One of Yoga’s intentions is to support us with tools to find comfort in silence so that we can hear ourselves and create space for inner dialogue and connection.
This class will be a combination of discussion, asana practice, focused breath and contemplative practices to invite you lovingly into silence.

Saturday March 31, 9.30- 12.30

The Asana Lab: The Stories of the Asanas

You have never attended a class like this, we combine the intelligence of breath/movement with intention that will be inspired by the stories that are the inspirations of our asanas. 
Jafar and Maryam share their unique style weaving in storytelling and effortless teaching style. We love the stories as they carry the intentions. May you find inspiration as well. Join us on the journey through the asanas!

Saturday March 31, 14.00-17.00 (TEACHER’S TOOLBOX)

Bringing Yoga to life through the art of Vinyasa Transitions

One of the processes of Yoga is learning how to shift, 
to transition from esoteric idea to practical and applicable implementation of that idea. This workshop will provide tools to allow your authentic creativity to find life in how you cue practitioners through their journey. We will dive into the essence of what Vinyasa is, and how it manifests in various aspects through our teachings.
Offering teachers a laboratory to practice and apply the idea of transitioning through breath, asana, intention, and esoteric concepts in practice. Will a challenging yet playful exploration of expanding teaching methods that keeps the yoga on the mat. As well as planting the seeds to transition the teachings off the mat into daily life and practice, which is what yoga is all about.
Teachers will explore:

  • Unique sequencing based on biomechanics and philosophy
  • Practical layering techniques

  • Language: Taking your cues to a new depth and clarity

  • Intelligent creativity

  • Tools for giving practitioners clear “take aways” from their practice on the mat


Early Bird (Payment received by February 28)

Masterclass AED 200
Single Session AED 300
Teacher’s Toolbox AED 350
All 4 sessions (excluding Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 950
All 5 sessions (including Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1260


Masterclass AED 250
Single Session AED 350
Teacher’s Toolbox AED 400
All 4 sessions (excluding Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1150
All 5 sessions (including Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1480

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About Maryam Ovissi

Maryam has had the honor to be the owner and director of BelovedYoga- a flow based yoga studio and wellness center located in Virginia, for over 10 years.
Maryam’s personal mission as a teacher of yoga is to provide an opportunity for her students to have access to tools that allow self-healing, self-empowerment and self-realization. She carries the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya and up holds the principle that the yoga practice is a personal individual journey and not a one size fits all practice. Her unique style provides space for multi level practitioners to journey through yoga in group classes. Maryam is honored to be a part of this lineage. Although, A.G. & Indra Mohan, Bhekaji Lynch and Jafar Alexander continue to serve as her main teachers, nothing can replace her the gifts and wisdom born forth of her showing up for herself every day through sadhana (personal practice).

About Jafar Alexander

Jafar’s belief is “Yoga is yoga. No need to complicate it, it’s quite simple. Breathe, move, and find your way to silence. Everything you need to know is right here… Atha!” His devoted study of Yoga has made him a multi-dimensional teacher who is able to playfully weave stories with expert sequencing and thoughtful philosophical inquiry all in one asana, making his classes what he likes to call “Yogasanas- keeping the Yoga in the Asana!” !