As students progress in their daily yoga practice, finding control and steadiness in the arm balances become a fundamental component. In this workshop Nathalie will share her personal insights and methods in finding strength and stability.
The objective of this workshop is to practice and understand the alignment and preparatory stages for arm balances and transitions in the Ashtanga Practice.

  • The basics for safely balancing on your arms
  • Access your core strength and discover your Bandhas
  • Incorporating smooth breathing in the arm balances


We will start off with some techniques to enhance strength and stability of shoulders, wrists, and core. Then students will partner up and assist each other with a series of arm balances.
Finally, to complete the session we will finish with a short relaxation, regaining and restoring balance.

This workshop is suitable for everyone regardless of their level of experience.


Zoga Members AED 170
Non- Members AED 195


May 18 17.00-19.00

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