Yoga Nidra is a practice to systemically quiet the vrittis of the breath, body and mind in order to reveal a field that is receptive to healing. There is a science of Yoga Nidra, how you go in and how you come out. The evident based science will be shared. Yoga Nidra blends the three limbs of the 8 limb path, pratyahara, pranayama & dharana, supporting the practitioner to access the state of Yoga.

We will open with a discussion, journey into a practice, and end with a pranayama and sensory exploration to ground ourselves. You are welcome to record the guided Yoga Nidra portion so you can access this practice on your own.

Maryam has been teaching for over 20 years and have been leading Yoga Nidra for therapeutic application and in group settings for just as long. She is the owner and founder of Beloved Yoga A Sanctuary for All in the United States and honored to bring her knowledge to share it with the community at Zoga.


March 23, 17.00-19.00


AED 175

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